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Anniversary Environmental and Sustainability Education Research (ESER) network

In August 2023, the Environmental and Sustainability Education Research (ESER) network of the European Educational Research Association (EERA) celebrated its 10th anniversary during the European Conference on Educational Research in Glasgow.At an anniversary session on Tuesday the 22nd of August, founding Link Convenor Per Sund talked about the history of the network. Then, we discussed major shifts, contributions, challenges, and achievements in ESE Research over the past decade. There were short introductions from a panel with researchers from Europe and beyond prior to small group dialogues: Heila Lotz-Sisitka (Rhodes University, South Africa), Greg Mannion (University of Stirling, United Kingdom), Marcia McKenzie (University of Melbourne, Australia), Johan Öhman (University of Örebro, Sweden), and Arjen E. J. Wals (Wageningen University, the Netherlands). 

As part of preparations for the event, videos were recorded with inputs from researchers on what we might see as an European tradition of ESE research and how they relate to it.

Here you can explore the programme of the ESER network contributions at ECER 2023 with over 100 accepted abstracts.


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