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Stakeholder dialogue SUNER-C

On 11 October 2023, Dr. Kasper Ampe (CDO) and Prof. Dr. Erik Paredis (CDO) organised a stakeholder dialogue workshop in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Joeri Wesseling (Utrecht University). They did this as part of the SUNER-C project, in which they are working together on the entanglement of society and technology in the debate over sustainable fuels.

Kasper, Erik and Joeri designed the workshop in a particular way because they had observed that companies, natural and engineering scientists and policy makers (i.e. the triple helix) dominate the debate on sustainable fuels. Three NGOs, Bellona, Transport & Environment and Bond Beter Leefmilieu (The Flemish Environmental Movement), were interviewed by the triple helix, represented by CO2 Value Europe, the European Innovation Council and a natural scientist involved in SUNER-C. Afterwards, the triple helix was asked to reflect on what they had heard, a debate was held and Kasper reflected on the whole morning, emphasising that the societal tensions that surfaced during the morning require a deeper debate on sustainable fuels and chemicals in the current SUNER-C community.

A video of the SUNER-C General Assembly, where the dialogue was organised, can be watched here.


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